Rapid Ridge® Plus — The HIGHER High Ridge Profile

Rapid Ridge PLUS vs. the Competition

Compare the difference — Rapid Ridge Plus has a cleaner and more finished look

The difference is substantial — Rapid Ridge Plus is thicker and better-looking than the competition

"Folded-type" ridges lack thickness and definition

"Folded-type" ridges have exposed folds and an unfinished look

Higher Profile

Why settle for less? The difference is substantial. When installed, Rapid Ridge Plus is thicker and better-looking than the competition.

Superior Laminated Construction

"Folded-type" ridges are made of a single folded piece that can sag out of shape and lack thickness and definition. Rapid Ridge Plus is constructed of two layers laminated together which makes a stronger and more durable product that will always hold its shape.

Heavier weight construction

It takes more to make a better product. Made of heavier weight construction than "folded-type" ridges, Rapid Ridge Plus is the heavy-weight of ridges.

No cold-weather cracking

"Folded-type" ridges are packaged in a closed position which requires opening each ridge to fit the pitch of the roof. Professional roofers know that bending roofing in cold temperatures can cause cracking. Since Rapid Ridge Plus comes packaged at a 90° angle, only a slight adjustment is required — making it possible to install Rapid Ridge Plus in extreme cold temperatures without the danger of cracking.

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