Rapid Ridge® Plus — The HIGHER High Ridge Profile

New and Improved Higher Profile

For the finishing touch that adds dimension and style to any fiberglass asphalt shingle, choose Rapid Ridge Plus. Featuring a patented design, Rapid Ridge Plus is thicker and provides a cleaner, more finished look than the competition. Constructed of two layers laminated together, Rapid Ridge Plus is a stronger and more durable product that will always hold its shape. And with a user-friendly design, Rapid Ridge Plus is fast and easy to install.

So why settle for less when the difference is substantial? Choose Rapid Ridge Plus — the higher high profile ridge.

SBS Modified
Rapid Ridge Plus is the first and only high profile ridge made of SBS modified and laminated construction.

Compatibility Chart
Updated for January 2024
Download a PDF of the compatibility chart that will show you the best solution for your roofing needs.

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